411 4 Dad

Building Community For Intentional Fathers

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Single Man, but want to be a Father?

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We Hear The Children Inc.

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What We Are

A Free Support Line for Prospective Single Men who are considering becoming a Dad.

We are Men that are parenting alone or were when we became a father.

We can offer support and answer common questions.

Assist in understanding adoption and the process.

Assist in finding a welcoming agency or adoption worker in your area.

Connect you with other Dads.

What We Are Not

We Are NOT an Adoption Agency.

We are NOT affiliated with any Religious Organization.

We are NOT a Legal Service, nor do we provide Legal Advice, Consultation or Representation

We DO NOT discriminate in any way.

We do NOT provide anything other than the real story on what it is like and help you understand you can do it.

Can I Adopt In My State?

Are there other single dads?

How do I get help?

How about Cost?